After the fieldtrip

When geology fieldtrips are a part of a teaching-learning programme, students are wanted to learn some conceptual, procedural and attitude concepts.

Thus, preparing the fieldtrip gives the previous theory and practical knowledge that will be necessary for the fieldtrip. Field activities specially require some methodology to make the students able to do some observations of nature that will improve the initial knowledge.

The last part of the field activity, which corresponds to the drafting of a fieldtrip interpretation guide, it is normally started in the original place although it is usually finished in class because of the lack of time there. Therefore, chapters 6 and 7 of the "Observation guidelines for Fieldtrip study" can be directly done in nature or in class afterwards.

This interpretation process can be started with the help of the "Inferences guide", where inferences are made beginning with the risen problem and observations that have been made, and with the ones we will make some conclusions. Finally, if we organize our conclusions we will obtain a sequence of events in chronological order. If several outcrops have been visited, summarising all the information in a general cross section and making the global interpretation model can be asked to do in class afterwards.

It is possible to ask students of higher secondary-education courses and especially in University for a dissertation of the fieldtrip which will be very useful to clarify the observations of each fieldtrip and consider the obtained conclusions, while consulting the bibliography as well. Click  here (to see an orientative outline of this report (see in  .doc format.)

In the case of students or enthusiasts of Geology, after the fieldtrip you should organise and classify all samples, make a fair copy of the field notes and consult bibliography to relate what you have seen with other people observations.