Terms of us of Geocamp

  1. The rules of publication for the authors of the itineraries are indicated in the "information pop-ups" of the computer application. All formalities must be complied with in order for an itinerary to be accepted for publication.
  2. The GEOCAMP computer application offers a "template" to which each itinerary must be adapted. The structure and content of each of the fields must be completed according to the publication rules. The process of editing an itinerary can be laborious. That’s why the app allows you to save and keep changes.
  3. When the editing process is completed, the author will have to "change the status of the document" so that it can be reviewed. GEOCAMP management will send the originals to a minimum of two external reviewers who will form part of an Advisory Board. If it is necessary, the number of reviewers may be extended or reports may be requested from regional geology experts in the area covered by the itinerary. People in charge of GEOCAMP will notify the author or first signatory of the acceptance or not of his original for his publication or will request, if necessary, the modifications required for his acceptance. Once the itinerary has been accepted and published, modifications will be accepted as long as they contribute to improve its content or involve the correction of undetected errors.
  4. GEOCAMP is not responsible for the absolute originality of the texts or figures of the published itineraries, even if they have been reserved. Authors themselves will be responsible in front of the law.