Guideline for outcrops study and observation

The following sketch shows the guideline proposed. It is a question of analysing as a zoom, starting from delimiting the area that we want to study in main geologic units and then analysing the outcrops. Every outcrop will have to be placed following the map and the general description of the area. The geological study of the outcrop will be started with its observation from a distance that allow us to distinguish its different units. After this, we will approach to analyse each of the defined units and its materials. Finally, we will draw the outcrop cross section and will interpret it. Information given after studying several outcrops will give us a geologic view of the studied area.

These are the steps to follow: (see sketch)*

Drawing of a person wondering about the observation guidelines for the study of outcrops
Drawing of two people observing a terrain
Drawing of a person observing the strata of a terrain
Drawing of two people, one pounding the ground with a pick and the other making notes

Drawing of two people looking at minerals with a magnifying glass

Drawing of two people ruminating on the data obtained on the ground

*Segons Bach, J.; Brusi, D.; Domingo, M. y Obrador, A. (1988). Propuesta de una metodología y jerarquización de las observaciones del trabajo de campo en Geología. Henares: Revista de Geología, 2: 319-325